St. Louis Solar Eclipse Peak Time

While not exactly in the path of totality, St. Louis will see 99% of the sun blocked by the moon at 1:56 p.m. If driving an hour or two to the Missouri towns in the path of totality isn’t in the cards for you, one of the next best views may be aboard the riverboats on the Mississippi River near St. Louis’ iconic Gateway Arch. There are, of course, other unique ways to witness the phenomenon: Passengers booked on the 1:30 p.m. St. Louis Riverfront Cruise will have a memorable eclipse viewing experience. The aptly-named Moonrise Hotel is hosting an eclipse party on its rooftop garden. Defiance Ridge Vineyards, about 30 minutes out of town, is opening its 40-acre vineyard to give folks a view of the celestial show.

An eclipse is when a science center can really shine and the St. Louis Science Center is no exception. It is putting on a series of lectures to help audiences understand the eclipse, explaining the mechanics of an eclipse to help everyone get the most out of this rare experience. Also stepping up for science are the folks at the St. Louis Public Library who are having a viewing party to help show younger generations the magic of space.

Note: The times in this simulation might differ from other sources of eclipse data by a minute or two. The discrepancy is most likely a small difference in the precise location of the calculation or a slightly different way of accounting for the time it takes the speed of light to travel from the sun to the Earth. Read more about our interactive here.

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