How We Chose the 2024 TIME Earth Awards

When we introduced the Earth Awards last year, our goal was to highlight individuals whose actions have had an indelible impact on global efforts to address one of the most urgent crises facing our planet: climate change.

In the year since, the stakes have only become clearer—2023 was the hottest year the world has ever experienced since records began—and those who have dedicated themselves to this crucial work have doubled down on their dedication. This year’s group of honorees are being recognized for their influential leadership, whether on the runway or in the rain forest, in shaping a more sustainable future.

Actor and activist Jane Fonda turned her energy towards the climate fight in 2019 with Fire Drill Fridays. Today, she is working to elect climate leaders in all levels of government. Robert D. Bullard is a distinguished professor of urban planning and environmental policy at Texas Southern University (TSU) and the founding director of the Bullard Center for Environmental and Climate Justice at TSU. His tireless work over the past 45 years has, perhaps more than anyone else’s, laid the groundwork for today’s environmental justice movement. Nemonte Nenquimo, a Waorani leader and co-founder of Amazon Frontlines and Ceibo Alliance, is one of the most passionate voices for the rights of Indigenous communities and their lands. Last year, she successfully campaigned to halt oil drilling in Ecuador’s Yasuní National Park. Uruguayan fashion designer Gabriela Hearst produced the first carbon-neutral runway show in 2019 under her own brand, which has been plastic-free since then. As the creative director for Chloé until September 2023, she also helped that brand become the first European luxury fashion house to achieve B Corp status. And from the White House to international climate negotiations, John Kerry, as U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, has shaped countless policies. Now, the veteran politician has left that role to galvanize the private sector in accelerating the clean energy transition.

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